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Conklin Vehicle Products Deliver Savings and Results!

If you are looking for a way to save your hard-earned money in these challenging economic times, look no further! For over 50 years, Conklin Vehicle and Lubrication Products have been helping Americans save money on fuel, improve performance, reduce their maintenance costs, and extend the life of their vehicles and equipment.

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Navigate Rising Costs with Smart Maintenance

With out-of-control prices at the gas pump and the skyrocketing cost of new vehicles in the past few years, preventative vehicle maintenance is more critical now than ever before.

From truckers to farmers to your everyday driver, hard-working people from across the country have adopted Conklin's American-made products as a better way to save money and care for their vehicles that is easy enough for anyone to do.

Conklin's Legacy of Innovation

Over five decades ago, visionary chemist and engineer Harry Conklin formulated one of the very first para-synthetic motor oils. Today, Conklin's Convoy® motor oils continue impressing customers by lowering fuel and oil consumption, reducing wear and friction, and helping extend oil drain intervals.

Thousands of satisfied customers attest to the ability of Conklin's fuel additives to improve engine performance and fuel efficiency in both gas and diesel engines. Conklin's fuel system cleaners can help keep fuel lines, fuel injectors, and carburetors clean, while fuel stabilizers keep fuel fresh and prevent gumming and build-up.

Put Conklin's time-tested, hard-working products to work for your vehicles and equipment, and start saving money today!